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Blogger Recognition Award

What is The Blogger Recognition Award? The bloggers recognition award is an award handed out by bloggers to bloggers to recognize the hard work they are putting into their blog. It helps bloggers connect with new readers and is a symbol of approval and motivation. […]

The Liebster Award – My First Award

Yes, you read right. I was completely baffled myself. I got nominated for the liebster award – my first award. The wonderful Laila Laurson from the blog From The Scars nominated me. What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award is a virtual award for new […]

10 Easy Steps To Reduce Your Waste

Making changes is not always easy, especially if we cannot immediately see the benefit of them. I have struggled trying to change so many things for the better in my life. To improve my diet. Get a hold of my sugar cravings or to regularly […]

Sweet Potato Superfood Energy Bites

Let me just put it out there: These sweet potato superfood energy bites are awesome! They are… oil-free vegan (gluten-free optional) no-sugar added packed with plant-based protein healthy fats to help your body absorb nutrients slow-burning carbs to keep you energized long They are the […]

Orange Cinnamon Hard Lotion Bars

Before I tell you all about these orange cinnamon hard lotion bars, I urge you to take a moment to think about the skin products you have in your bathroom. Have you ever taken the time to think about the ingredients in these products? I […]

Turning Soap Bars into Liquid Soap

Why is this method useful You may be wondering how I ended up even wanting to change the consistency of my soap. If its liquid, its liquid and if its a bar, its a bar. What is there to complain about that? A couple of […]

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