Who is the Crafty Cat?

Who is The Crafty Cat? Hi, my name is Laura.

I started The Crafty Cat in September 2017  because I wanted to help others get away from all the processed, often toxic products we put in and around ourselves. I want to show you how easy making things yourself can be and share the joy of using or tasting your completely homemade products with you.

The recipes and tutorials I share reflect my passion for real and whole foods and products. I wholeheartedly believe that we should know what we are putting in our bodies and where these products come from. In addition, we should be mindful of our environment and society. And of course, we should have fun!


What is the Crafty Cat about?

My dream is to build a community that shares these values and is excited to go on adventures with me both in and outside of the kitchen. If you embark on this journey with me, you will realize, not only, how easy making your own products is, but also how satisfying. On top of that, it saves money and will improve your families health by eliminating the toxic substances from your life. My goal is to inspire you to take the leap and take back control of your products.

At its heart, this blog isn’t for me it is for you, because you are on your own personal journey. Do you want to live healthier and eat less processed food? Do you have adverse reactions to the toxic substances found in many products? Are you tired of not even knowing what half the ingredients listed on the package are? Whatever it may be, I encourage to share a little sliver of it.


Want to get in touch?

Feel free to contact me at any time with your questions, ideas, suggestions or comments using the Contact Page. This is a dialog, not a monologue!

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